Invite your guests to step into a private on-site hat fitting lounge. Choose from an array of different styles, materials, and genres of hats to bring onsite. A fit specialist works with each guest and helps them find the perfect fit. Take this gifting experience one step further and add on-site custom monogramming or add your company logo!

Founded in 1999 in Boulder, Colorado, by Stephanie Carter and Lenya Shore, their goal has been to craft fashionable and functional hats that make you look and feel great—and provide maximum sun protection. They also believe in giving back by supporting organizations fighting skin cancer, and to the planet, with socially responsible eco-friendly practices. Wallaroo donates 1% of profits to organizations undertaking skin cancer research, prevention, and education in the United States.

Wallaroo Hat Shak includes:

  • 4 Ladies/4 Men’s Hat Styles

  • Turnkey Production and Fulfillment

  • On-site Brand Ambassadors

  • Ample Inventory to Accommodate Guests’ Selections

  • Immersive Boutique Experience

Wallaroo Hats


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