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Tori Richard

Manufactured in Honolulu, Tori Richard has been leading the resort wear industry in design and practices for over 60 years. The first factory was on Pier 7 in downtown Honolulu in 1953 and in 2008 Tori Richard became one of the world's first solar-powered apparel manufacturers and retailers powering 94% of all their electricity needs with the Hawaiian sunshine. Their commitment to style, comfort, and Eco-friendly practices makes Tori Richard an outstanding gift for your guests. Enjoy a variety of resort wear choices when you choose Tori Richard. 

Tori Richard
Experience Includes

  • Turnkey Production and Fulfillment

  • On-site Brand Ambassadors

  • Ample Inventory to Accommodate Guests’ Selections

  • Immersive Boutique Experience

"Working with wet paint group has been such a great experience. They make sure to have multiple discussions with our planning team prior to our events to make sure we have everything we need and that everyone is on the same page. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their products and they provide a fun and engaging experience for our guests."

“We started working with wet paint group years ago and can say that without a doubt they have the best products, best service, and are one of the most fun elements a smart planner can add to your event. Owner of wpg, Doug, and his team go above and beyond to make working with them seamless… your attendees will thank you for years!”

— Marin Bright

Founder, Smart Meetings

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