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What We Do

At wet paint group, we deliver unforgettable virtual marketplaces, custom curated boxes, uncommon branded merchandise, and on-site gifting experiences for corporate meetings, incentive trips, and elite client events. We have carefully curated a portfolio of premium boutique brands in our pursuit of uncommon merchandise with a commitment to giving back. When you work with us, you will be supporting a variety of nonprofit organizations. 

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Our Mission

wet paint group delivers joy through remarkable gifting, while doing good for others.

Our Core Values

Do the Right Thing

Be Remarkable

Respond with Openness

Be Humbly Confident

Embrace Radical Accountability

Hell Yeah! Attitude

Our Construct

image of wet paint group value intrigue

Our amenity brands are carefully curated by our leadership team. We only offer products found in small boutiques or with limited distribution. Our brands will not be commonly found at every day retailers or big box stores. Your executive level guests have the buying power to purchase whatever they desire, so we offer brands that evoke intrigue. Brands with cache and exclusivity. This sets the stage for what we like to call “Now, that’s cool!” moments.

image of wet paint group value immerse

Through a deep emotional experience, we are able to activate the event message and inspire each guest. The gift or amenity serves as the conduit to transport your attendees back to the experience, reminding them of the event, message and location long after the event’s conclusion. It serves as recognition of the past and fuel for the future. This is the true value of the gift, inspiring your guests to invest and contribute to both the company and social agenda in a meaningful way, a GIFT WITH A GREATER PURPOSE.

image of wet paint group value inspire

While each of our gifts are unique and intriguing, we lean into the production of our gift experiences in ways that touch all of the senses and tug at emotions. Whether a boutique-style marketplace or a beach party scene, the experience atmosphere immerses your guests in the story behind the brand and give-back initiative. Our on-site brand ambassadors effortlessly engage with each guest and share the narrative of the event, each gift, and why it is special. When attendees understand the “why”, they are more likely to recognize they are part of something truly remarkable.

Ready to Be Remarkable?
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