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Gifting Experiences

Our Gifting Experience team knows what makes an event successful.

We deliver premier boutique brands to your event and create a lively and engaging atmosphere where attendees can sample, shop, try on, and walk away with the perfect gift item. With our product experts, we can help you craft the perfect combination of items with your event objectives in mind.

Whether you select wooden watches, sandals or slippers, our live performance artist, or Revo sunglasses for your event, we’ll combine any or all of our brands to make the entire experience exciting and engaging from beginning to end. From initial contact to post-event wrap-up, working with wet paint group means working with the experts!

Our proven process means you can relax and let us create a remarkable experience for your guests.

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Ready to Be Remarkable?

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“We started working with wet paint group years ago and can say that without a doubt they have the best products, best service, and are one of the most fun elements a smart planner can add to your event. Owner of wpg, Doug, and his team go above and beyond to make working with them seamless… your attendees will thank you for years!”

— Marin Bright, Founder, Smart Meetings

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