Gifting with Giveback

We know how challenging it can be to find the “right” gift for your high-touch events. The wet paint group was created by a team of meeting incentive industry veterans to provide fresh and meaningful amenity ideas to our partners. We call it “Gifting with Giveback”! By connecting the right gift with a greater purpose, your guests will not only appreciate the thought behind the item but more importantly will have an emotional connection to the entire event messaging. At wet paint group, we have hand selected gifting options that are not only awesome but connect to one of many nonprofit organizations. So when you gift, you also give!

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Uncommon Branded Merchandise

Looking for a year-round merchandise solution? We offer that too! Choose from a wide variety of items at all price points and take your branding to the next level! With our “Drop Ship” option, you can have quality branded merchandise delivered to your front door.

Contact us today and discover how our corporate social responsibility and turn-key delivery of unique brands can help you reimagine what’s possible! Be remarkable!

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“We have worked with a wide variety of gift experience providers, but the wet paint group really raises the bar with their focus on fresh and impactful amenity brands along with their passion for giving back. Plus, their creativity and service level helped to elevate our overall event experience. We are big fans of their approach and philosophy. We are excited to continue our partnership with WPG.”

-Patricia Kerr, AVP Meetings and Events, Nationwide Insurance