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Beyond Pictures: Hiring a Live Event Artist

If a picture tells a thousand words, what does a painting say?

Based on our experience, a painting can express the essence of an event in such a remarkable way like no other. We have been promoting the live event art experience for the last 10 years.  Knowing that our clients are always looking for innovative ways to engage with their attendees, we have found live event art a way to punctuate an event in a very meaningful way.

One of the most prolific and talented live event artists is a proud NOLA resident, John Bukaty.  He has painted hundreds of live events including concerts, corporate meetings and incentives, festivals and sporting events.  My first experience with John and hiring a live event artist was at my wife’s 35th surprise birthday party.  One of my friends recommended we hire John to “paint” during the party and present Dana with the painting as a gift.  I didn’t understand what that meant until I watched him bring a 3’x3’ canvass to life.  This painting is the featured graphic of this post.

Having John at Dana’s party and subsequently traveling the world with him, has added a powerful dimension to so many events and impacted so many people.  It has been the “One Thing” that sets an event apart from all others.  No matter how outstanding the venue or the food or the entertainment or the golf, this one touch point has remained the most talked about aspect of almost every event I have produced over the years.

Not only does the live painting experience contribute to the overall entertainment value of the particular event (Welcome Reception, Golf Tournament, Final Night Dinner, etc), but it can become the signature amenity presented by client to all attendees.

Our clients will typically produce original print giclees on canvass (11”x14” is common), which John will sign and then ship to attendees a few weeks after the event.  We will place a custom note card in everyone’s room during the final night dinner announcing they will be receiving a signed original Bukaty print in the coming weeks.  Some of our clients have created serious trophy value in this artwork and hire John year after year, so the paintings are now part of a commemorative series.

So, if you are looking for that one way to really connect with your audience, consider engaging a live event artist.  However, this art form requires years and years of live event experience and a certain knack for really capturing the essence of an event.   When hiring an artist, be sure that their style and quality jives with your expectations.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the live event art experience, please shoot me a note—

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