Outfit your guests with beach essentials with your very own on-site Surf Shak. This experience is a collection of cohesive products inspired by the vibrant colors and cultures of sun and surf destinations.

Create your perfect Surf Shak with any of the following brands: Crazy Shirts, Super Feet Sandals, Riviera Towels, and Sun Bum Sunscreen!

The Surf Shak Experience proudly supports the organization Project Helping! Project Helping creates meaningful volunteer experiences designed to have an impact on you and the community.

Surf Shak Experience includes:

Sun Bum Sunscreen, Crazy Shirts t-shirt station with 3 ladies and 3 men’s options, 4 Riviera Towel styles, and Superfeet Sandals with 3 ladies and 3 men’s styles!

  • Turnkey Production and Fulfillment

  • On-site Brand Ambassadors

  • Ample Inventory to Accommodate Guests’ Selections

  • Immersive Boutique Experience

Surf Shak Experience

Crazy Shirts

Crazy Shirts offer high-quality, environmentally conscious, T-shirts and board shorts. As a staple in the Surf Shak Experience, these colorful, and artistic pieces stand out and are extremely practical for tropical events!

Founded in 1964 by Rick Ralston, Crazy Shirts was one of the first companies to establish the concept of selling modern-day “T-shirts” with a creative twist. Today, it continues to be one of the leading casual apparel brands due to its proprietary process, techniques, and designs. While its roots originated in Hawaiian Culture and an island lifestyle, Crazy Shirts has grown into an internationally renowned company that can accommodate any corporate event setting to maximize the overall gifting experience.

Riviera Towel Company

Designed in Santa Barbara, California, these 100% Cotton Turkish beach, bath, and pool towels are out-of-this-world soft, bright, and beautiful! Your guests will enjoy choosing from a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes when you choose this experience!


Riviera Towel Company believes in making a difference one towel at a time! Riviera helps fund marine agencies working to heal and protect our oceans.  Clients enjoy this luxurious gift and the important mission behind it.

Reef Sandals

Founded in 1984 by two brothers from Argentina, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, who wanted to share their love for surf travel and beach culture with the world.

Dedicated to plastic pollution initiatives through beach clean-ups and environmental legislation.

Through their partnership with Urban Surf 4 Kids, their introducing foster and at-risk kids to the positive benefits and healing properties of the ocean and beach.

Sun Bum Sunscreen

Sun Bum Sunscreen is the perfect addition to your Surf Shak Experience! This laid-back sunscreen company started in California and they are all about fun in the sun and staying safe while doing it! Their sunscreens come in a variety of SPFs and are made from the highest quality ingredients. These sunscreens are known for smelling amazing and protecting like crazy. Enjoy protecting your guests one bottle at a time!

"Heather and Amy were just amazing, we just loved them. One of our best experiences!"


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