Taj Market Experience


Welcome to the Taj Market Experience! Enjoy beautiful products made in India from incredible textiles! The Taj Market Experience features Sudara Loungewear. Your guests will enjoy the hand-crafted, colorful clothing items for years to come when you choose the Taj Market Experience!

Taj Market Experience includes:

  • A variety of Sudara ladies' bottoms, tops, and cover-ups.
  • Turnkey Production and Fulfillment
  • On-site Brand Ambassadors

  • Ample Inventory to Accommodate Guests’ Selections

  • Immersive Boutique Experience

Sudara Loungewear

Sudara Lounge Wear is handmade in India and inspired by the beauty, colors, and textures found in the Indian culture. Every garment is crafted by brave women avoiding or escaping from slavery and sex-trafficking. When you support Sudara by gifting the loungewear at your next event, you’re helping empower more women who wish to escape and remain free from human trafficking.

Sudara began in 2005, hiring the first 6 employees, and they began teaching women the skills necessary to become seamstresses. Stitch by stitch, the women gained confidence not only in their newfound trade but also in their newfound hope and freedom. Since that time, Sudara has grown into multiple sewing centers and hundreds of women gain a new community and safe places to work and heal. Gift this meaningful product at your next event to help share the Sudara story.

"At ITA Group we believe that experiences that create memories are the ultimate reward.  Wet Paint Group helps us deliver on this mission.  They have transformed gift-giving into a creative and memorable experience.  WPG has an incredible team of experienced experts that has always managed to bring our vision to life.  We appreciate their step-by-step guidance, attention to detail, custom tailoring, willingness to work within all budget levels, and that they are fully engaged throughout each project.  We value our partnership with WPG and their support in helping create remarkable experiences."


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