Revo Sunglasses

Revo eyewear brings a fresh, new amenity choice to the events industry! Revo is known as the original performance sunglass and is trusted by elite athletes and those who demand precision eyewear under extreme conditions. When you choose the Revo Experience, wet paint group experts will provide a dynamic and exciting eyewear experience, where your attendees will enjoy choosing from a variety of stylish sunglasses.

Revo and Our Children’s Vision Institute have partnered to donate $10 from every pair of Revos sold to provide treatment and preventative vision care to more than 5 million children and adults by 2020. The Revo Experience delivers gorgeous eyewear to your attendees and delivers to one of the strongest charitable partners that wet paint group works with!

Revo Experience includes:
  • 12-14 Frame Styles
  • Turnkey Production and Fulfillment
  • On-site Brand Ambassadors
  • Ample Inventory to Accommodate Guests’ Selections
  • Immersive Boutique Experience

“We have partnered with Revo and wet paint on three key events in Chicago, Aruba, and Las Vegas and all three have been a huge success from the planning to the execution stages.”

– Alfredo Ortega, Ritz-Carlton

“The Revo Experience was a key piece of the success to the event and made it such a memorable experience for our guests.” 

– Chandra Sweeney, Four Seasons

“We are thrilled to work with wet paint group to build the Revo brand in the corporate amenity experience space and to bring a fresh new product and a socially-responsible message to event attendees.” 

– Cliff Robinson, CEO, Revo