Gifting with Giveback

At the core of wet paint group lies our passion for giving back!

When you choose amenity experiences, a majority of the brands themselves have important purposes and connections with one or more organizations working to make an impact on the world. Your Amenity Experience choices will directly give back to these organizations and if no organization is tied to the brand, that option will connect back to wet paint group’s partner Project Helping.

wet paint group believes that when you choose an amenity experience or branded merchandise every purchase can make a difference!

We know how challenging it can be to find the “right” gift for your high-touch events. The wet paint group was created out of necessity by a team of meeting/incentive industry veterans to provide fresh amenity ideas to our peers. We call it “Gifting with Giveback!” By connecting the right gift with a greater purpose, your guests will not only appreciate the thought behind the experience but more importantly will have an emotional connection to the entire event messaging. The gift becomes a vehicle to share the story and inspire attendees to make significant contributions.

Find out about all the organizations that are tied to wet paint group!

Project Helping

wet paint group is partnered with Project Helping, an American nonprofit organization that provides volunteering opportunities in your local community. Project Helping brings together people looking to volunteer with local projects, people, and hours that need just that, volunteers! wet paint group is proud to help Project Helping by donating funds & time.

Find out more about Project Helping or sign up to volunteer by visiting the website!

Project Helping Website