Meet the team!

Dana Chorpenning

President & CEO

Doug Chorpenning

Chief Visionary

Officer & Founder

Ashlee Kruger

Director of Events

Angie Parsons

Accounting Specialist

Nicole Suarez

Director of Training

and Event Development

Annmarie Hoskins

Vice President of Sales

Kendra Bowe

Program and

Merchandise Coordinator

Emily Eck


Grant Fleming

National Account Manager

"At ITA Group we believe that experiences that create memories are the ultimate reward.  Wet Paint Group helps us deliver on this mission.  They have transformed gift-giving into a creative and memorable experience.  WPG has an incredible team of experienced experts that has always managed to bring our vision to life.  We appreciate their step-by-step guidance, attention to detail, custom tailoring, willingness to work within all budget levels, and that they are fully engaged throughout each project.  We value our partnership with WPG and their support in helping create remarkable experiences."


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