Bukaty Live Art Experience

John Bukaty is an elite and dynamic live event artist. Born and raised in Kansas City, Mo., Bukaty later moved to his beloved Colorado and became the Rock n’ Roll Painter. Denver’s location and rabid music fans have made it a favorite among touring musicians of all genres, and he quickly became a popular fixture at local concerts. He’s done portraits of Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, Widespread Panic and Blues Traveler.

Bukaty paints people in their times, and in their places. He paints them in the middle of loud, busy and cherished events. He paints to preserve moments, forever etched in color on canvas, and in the minds of attendees. He creates beautiful and durable pieces of history for the ages.

After painting at your event, attendees receive an original signed print of the painting. Choosing the Bukaty Experience creates life-long memories for your guests that they can then enjoy on their wall at home!

When you choose the Bukaty Live Art Experience you support Project Helping which creates meaningful volunteer experiences designed to have an impact, on you and the community.

Bukaty Live Art Experience includes:
  • Artist Fee/Materials
  • 3’x3’ Original Canvas Painting
  • Turnkey Production and Fulfillment
  • Signed/Framed/Numbered Original Prints—48 hour turn-around available in some areas
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“Wet Paint has set the tone for the future of gifting experiences with their give-back programs. The reason we work with them is simple; they bring purpose and energy to your events, and that makes me feel alive!” – John Bukaty